How To Close Business. (Articles of Dissolution Filings)

If you would like to dissolve (permanently close) your Corporation or LLC, then we can file the appropriate Articles of Dissolution in any State.

It is important to properly close your company if you no longer intend to operate the business. Filing Articles of Dissolution will:

  • Officially end the existence of the company.
  • Prevent you from having to pay or file further annual fees and/or taxes on the company.

To file a dissolution and properly close your company:

  • The owners of the company must approve of the dissolution.
  • All taxes, fees and reports must be up to date and filed with the State of formation. Some states require issuance of a “Tax Clearance” before allowing a dissolution to be filed.
  • Creditors must be notified and claims settled complying with state law.
  • Assets must be distributed to the owners depending on the % of ownership complying with state law.
  • Notify all Federal, State and Local authorities that the entity will be closing (cancel your FEIN, business licenses, State tax ID’s, etc.).

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